We are a small, but fully dedicaded company in the south shore of Montreal. People from all over the region come to see us even when there’s a lot of travel to do to meet us physically. Since our startings in 2015 we have evolved into a multi-disciplinary computer repair shop. We’ve aquired through the years the experience, knowledge and equipement to face any kind of computer issue, for about any brand or any possible personnal electronic device. We now have 20 computer repair seats to meet our client’s needs rapidly. From the first contact to the reception of your repaired computer, we keep our clients in touch about every step we take and explain all the procedures and possibilities offered to them. We work by appointements to better serve our clients. Appointements can be taken the same or the next day.

To find a trustful person might be hard these days. All our personnal infos are stored on our computer’s hard drive and care must be taken not to loose the data. Also security measure must be taken in the repair shop so your valuable data isn’t compromise. We encourage everyone to have a valid antivirus or security software installed on their computer. Also make sure your backup is up to date or ask us to program an automatic backup system so you have your important files at least on two different hard drives. We really take time with you to ensure everything will work well after your computer leaves the repair shop.