Windows PCs

We repair all major brands and types of devices. From laptops to all-in one, including desktop computers. One place to repair'em all.

Macintosh Devices

We take care of all the issues you could face with your Apple products. We repair iMacs, Macbooks, Mac PROs, and Mac Minis.


Desktop computers are the easiest device to repair for technicians. A lot of parts could be flipped and are inter-compatible between brands. We take care of the maintenance.


Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and many other well known brands could break somehow. We give you our expertise for the diagnosis, taking care of software and also hardware problems.

Portable devices

Any software problem you face with your iOS or Android device we're here to help. We do not repair hardware problems on tactile devices. But for software issues we're a reference.

In our repair shop

We have about 20 computer repair seats to receive client's hardware. Known as one of the leader in our fields in the region, we jump off the crowd by our innovations and our versatility. We're close to have every piece of hardware necessary to repair/diagnose about any kind of computer.

To your home

We tend to convince clients to bring their computer to our repair shop where we have all the tools to work on about every device. But there are some cases that a technician must move to client's home. That's why we offer a technician on the road. Need to pickup the computer for any reason, just ask us.


Some of you might be aware of remote assistance software available to assist end-user without the need to move any technician physically. The connection is secured and your password changes every time a technician logs in. No need to worry but care must be taken to whom you give access to your system.

To individuals

We really take time to assess the needs of our clients. We explain each and every step of our work. We also give little formations about computers and the job that has been done.

To professionnals

If you are a self-employed professionnal you might find difficult to find the right person to help . We're there for any kind of technology related assistance aside your computer repair needs.


Tired of spending hours of your precious time trying to fix your computer problems with only basic knowledge. Give us a try and let us proove you found the right spot for technology repair and assistance.

“I started 6 years ago with that guy. Now he’s one of the leaders in the region by his knowledge and his versatility. I know him personnally and really I’m impressed by the number of systems and plateformes he can work on. He does about everything in the company from web design to system implentation as well of making client’s contact and repairing their computer without any hassle. If you have a computer and have a little money to invest on your device to make it work the right way, he’s the person you should count on.”

– William Page